Keeping up with Demand 🤩😳🤩

Happy New Year!
The demands we put on ourselves always seem to overshadow any demand we would put on others. This month my goal is to see how much I can produce if I put my mind & my back into it. So far, I am proud to say, I have jerked it harder & more consistently than any other month since Local Jerk began. Still, I battle with feelings of not doing enough, even when rationally I know I’m killing it😜
The joy of owning your own business is you can work in your pj’s & write your own schedule. The trial of owning your own business is sometimes you have to work even in your pj’s & it can be difficult to clock out. So much goes in to almost any & every business decision that it has become very clear to this beef jerky loving fool that time & waste management are paramount to success. Almost everyone has a really good idea for how you could run your business better & the challenge comes from patiently wading through all that comes & holding on to as many nuggets of glory as you possibly can.
This Santa Cruz Farmers Market Community has embraced Local Jerk! I am so proud to say that all the new people that try our goodies come back, with rave reviews & try some more. Nothing could propel me to push myself more to create awesome jerk treats than the positive feedback I keep getting! I can’t express my gratitude enough for the new testers, the diehard fans, the recurring orders & all the joy that Local Jerk creates. This Jerk knows how lucky she is to have work that is both challenging & rewarding at this insane time in human history. I pray for our safety, peace of mind & health every day & I for one & all am going to keep jerkin it hard!