Jerkin it thru the Holidays

The end of 2020 felt like it may never have come, yet here we are. Local Jerk is celebrating 2 years officially creating craft jerky in downtown Santa Cruz. This year has been a doozy, from freezer failure to shelter in place, we have had some slight bumps. Yet every time there were people reaching out, offering a hand, ordering awesome products & just showing love for this Local Jerk.
I am so grateful to have my downtown kitchen, my sanctuary really, where I go & whip up delicious marinades & snacks. It has been super fun finding ways to reduce the waste of beef jerky, using every last drop to create something local, handcrafted & conscious of its ingredients. I feel lucky & honored that people really enjoy my wares so much so that I am pushed to keep making more. As the year draws to an end, I’m focusing on all the things I am thankful for & trying not to miss friends & family gatherings too much. The fact that this small business is making it during this crazy time is humbling & a daily source of pride.
This year has hit us all in different ways but with the support of our amazing community, Local Jerk is still kicking & looking for new, fun goodies to create. Constantly striving to reduce our ecological footprint, Local Jerk is excited to announce that starting next year, we’ll be launching a new product! Once the beef is trimmed, those trimmings become the dog treats (which are super popular). The fat that cooks off the dog treats is going to become campfire candles! Scent development & experimentation is currently underway & we think they’re really going to be a hit! So far rosemary & lemon verbena are the front runners. Using every drop is really a choice & it saves so much in the long run. Stay tuned 😍